sexual practice

sexual practice
activities associated with sexual intercourse

they had sex in the back seat

Syn: ↑sexual activity, ↑sex, ↑sex activity
Derivationally related forms: ↑sexual (for: ↑sex), ↑sex (for: ↑sex)
Hypernyms: ↑bodily process, ↑body process, ↑bodily function, ↑activity
bondage, ↑outercourse, ↑safe sex, ↑conception, ↑sexual intercourse, ↑intercourse, ↑sex act, ↑copulation, ↑coitus, ↑coition, ↑sexual congress, ↑congress, ↑sexual relation, ↑relation, ↑carnal knowledge, ↑pleasure, ↑sexual love, ↑lovemaking, ↑making love, ↑love, ↑love life, ↑carnal abuse, ↑coupling, ↑mating, ↑pairing, ↑conjugation, ↑union, ↑sexual union, ↑reproduction, ↑procreation, ↑breeding, ↑facts of life, ↑foreplay, ↑arousal, ↑stimulation, ↑perversion, ↑sexual perversion, ↑autoeroticism, ↑autoerotism, ↑promiscuity, ↑promiscuousness, ↑sleeping around, ↑lechery, ↑homosexuality, ↑homosexualism, ↑homoeroticism, ↑queerness, ↑gayness, ↑bisexuality, ↑heterosexuality, ↑heterosexualism, ↑straightness, ↑bestiality, ↑zooerastia, ↑zooerasty
Attrubites: ↑heterosexual, ↑homosexual

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